Night elf legend tells that Agamaggan was one of the first creatures ever to wander the raw and untamed land. Driven ever onward by his voracious appetite, he grew larger and larger and was drawn into conflict against ever more powerful creatures. Respecting that the night elves' growing mastery of magic might be a match for his raw strength, Agamaggan's wanderings took him far from the lands of the elves and led him into battle against the savage trolls.

When the Burning Legion arrived on Azeroth and the War of the Ancients began, Cenarius journeyed to the land of the trolls to seek the assistance of Agamaggan against the invading demons. His stomach sated with trollflesh, the boar god was only convinced to bother with mortal concerns after Cenarius persuaded him that if the Legion were left unchecked, it would eventually destroy all life in the world.

Impatient for battle and unwilling to wait for a coordinated attack, Agamaggan was one of the first to assault the demons' stronghold on the shores of the Well of Eternity. Cutting through more than a thousand of the Doomguard, he entered single combat against the pit lord Mannoroth. There, after a battle that raged across the countryside, Agamaggan finally encountered the battle he could not win, and fell — but not without creating a vital weakness in the Legion's defenses that later allowed Cenarius and the night elf forces to reach the Well and end the war.

Today, the quilboar believe that wherever the blood of Agamaggan fell during his final battle, it soaked into the soil to create a mineral the quilboar call "bloodstone." Wherever bloodstone is found, giant thorns grow from the earth, and it is near these thorns that the quilboar prefer to make their homes.

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