Tyrande was a devout priestess of the goddess Elune and a masterful archer. Since early adolescence, Tyrande had been smitten by the handsome young druid, Malfurion, and she later fell in love with him. When Malfurion first learned of the dangers of practicing arcane magic, she was one of the only night elves who listened to him and believed his warnings. After the Burning Legion first invaded Azeroth, Tyrande accompanied Malfurion and his brother Illidan on their quest to find Cenarius. Her skills in combat protected the brothers on the hazardous journey and enabled them to find and secure aid for the faltering Kaldorei armies.

After the demons had been defeated and the druids descended into the Emerald Dream, Tyrande led the defense of Ashenvale. Leading an army of female archers and huntresses known as the Sentinels, she kept watch over the forestlands for centuries.

When the Burning Legion reached Ashenvale the second time, Tyrande commanded the defensive forces. She released Illidan from his subterranean prison in an attempt to use him to defeat the leaders of the Burning Legion. When her plan backfired and Illidan fled from Ashenvale, Tyrande awoke the druids. She worked with Malfurion and his druids, as well as the allied human and orc armies, to contain the amount of damage caused by the demon legions and was able to ultimately defeat them.

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