Lord Xavius was once a night elf from a noble family called by Queen Azshara to study the powers of the Well of Eternity. He proved to be one of her best students and chief advisors, and eventually became a powerful sorcerer. When it was discovered that powerful beings waited beyond the Well, Xavius led the cabal of wizards and sorcerers laboring to open the gateway and let them through. As the Burning Legion came through the portal and into Azeroth, Xavius was the first to offer his unswerving allegiance.

When Xavius attempted to prevent Malfurion Stormrage from going in search of Cenarius, Malfurion mortally wounded Xavius and threw his body into the Well of Eternity. Deep in the waters of the Well, Xavius encountered Sargeras, who valued the service the elf lord had done in opening the portal and granted him a new form and powers. Warped into the first and greatest of the hateful, shadowy satyrs, Xavius was sent back to the mortal world to spread the curse of the satyr to other night elves also consumed by lust for power.

Kaldorei history speaks of the Lord of the Satyrs appearing at crucial moments during the War of the Ancients to send his twisted minions into battle against the forces assembled by Stormrage and Cenarius. With what remained of his noble charm amplified by his magical powers, stories also tell of Xavius slipping out of the shadows to whisper lies that turned friend upon friend, and even mother upon child. What the histories don't tell, however, is the final fate of Lord Xavius. Late at night, the night elves still peer into the darkness and fear that he may yet be waiting to take his final revenge upon the Kaldorei.

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