Khadgar's studies of magic began when the Kirin Tor ofDalaran sent the young mage to assist Medivh. At first, Medivh trusted Khadgar only with cooking and other menial tasks, but eventually Khadgar gained the trust of the Magus and gained great insight from Medivh's long and storied experience.

As Khadgar himself gained experience and magical power, he grew suspicious ofMedivh's increasingly erratic behavior. Eventually, Khadgar discovered that the Magus had been possessed by the spirit of the demon Sargeras. Khadgar escaped to warn the King of Azeroth of the danger posed by the demon-souled mage, then returned to face Medivh in a final battle that defeated the demon magus but magically aged Khadgar from youth into middle age.

Returning to Dalaran, Khadgar immersed himself in his studies of the portal magic that brought the demons who corrupted his mentor to Azeroth. These studies eventually allowed Khadgar to destroy the Dark Portal and end the Second War. When he discovered that a rift between the planes survived the destruction of the Dark Portal, Khadgar called the Kirin Tor to the Black Morass to build the Citadel of Nethergarde near the rift so that he could stay to protect Azeroth against another invasion by the Horde.

Though Khadgar would later battle the orcish army when it returned to his world, then lead an army of the Alliance through the Dark Portal to face the orcs on their home world (he was trapped on the other side of the portal when Draenor exploded and is currently believed to be dead), these statistics represent Khadgar during his days as the archmage of Nethergarde, studying the rift and guarding his home world.

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