Rhonin was once a promising mage of the Kirin Tor until a disastrous misadventure involving the reckless use of magic cost the lives of several wizards. He was cast into probation until the opportunity for penance arose with a dangerous mission into Khaz Modan. Along with Falstad, a dwarven fighter, and Vereesa Windrunner, an elven ranger, he agreed to undertake this seemingly impossible task. Through perseverance and a powerful desire for redemption, he freed the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza from the clutches of the Horde, depriving the orcs of their greatest weapons — the red dragons they had enslaved. Furthermore, he destroyed the Demon Soul, a magical artifact that contained the sapped energies of four of the great dragon Aspects. This act restored Alexstrasza and her fellow Aspects to full strength, allowing them




to defeat Deathwing, ruining his plans for the corruption of the world.

The statistics shown here represent Rhonin after this adventure, after he has aged somewhat and gathered a few rewards. While he was still a rogue mage, he had almost no magic items and four fewer sorcerer levels.

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