Born the daughter of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Jaina spent most of her life growing up in the moderate luxury of her father's coastal kingdom, Kul Tiras. As a young adult, she was a close friend of Prince Arthas and the high elf Prince Kael'thas, who vied for her affections. She also early on committed herself to the arcane society of the Kirin Tor, the mysterious ruling council of Dalaran. Under their tutelage, she mastered the art of arcane spellcasting and gained a piercing insight into the chaotic flow of events in human society. Her eyes became unshackled from the traditional hatreds and fears of her ancestors, and Jaina saw the unending debate in the ruling council of the Alliance for what it truly was — paralyzing fear that would eventually lead to the destruction of her entire race. When the prophet Medivh approached her with a daring plan to save some of her people, she listened and led a small fleet of human refugees in a migration across the great ocean. There they banded together with Thrall's orc Horde and Tyrande's night elf Sentinels to defend the mystical World Tree from the Burning Legion. Their efforts were eventually successful, and the Burning Legion's attacks were broken—but not before Jaina's people were decimated. They eventually traveled down the Kalimdor coast and settled on Theramore Isle. Since then, Jaina's settlement has forged an uneasy truce with nearby orc clans.

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