The youngest consort of Alexstrasza, Korialstrasz is a red dragon unusually gifted in the ways of magic. He took it upon himself early in life to begin a close study of humanoid races and their ways, using his shapechange power to walk among them undetected. He soon decided that he could best guide them by taking an active leadership role, a view not shared by many of his red dragon brethren. As he


advanced into archmage capabilities, he moved up the ranks and became one of the six high mages of the council of Dalaran.

It was here that he aided Rhonin against the schemes of Deathwing, sending the brash young mage on a quest to rescue his Dragonqueen from the clutches of the Horde — always Krasus' greatest motive. Meanwhile, Deathwing himself attempted to convince the leaders of the Alliance to place his own human form, a noble named Lord Prestor, on the throne as king. Fortunately, Krasus and the other wizards of Dalaran saw through the deception and were able to thwart Deathwing's plot in time.

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