Kil'jaeden is Sargeras' second-in-command and one of the leaders of the Burning Legion. Known as "the Deceiver," Kil'jaeden has gained a reputation for an unparalleled level of skill at duplicity and coercion. When the Burning Legion began to prepare for its second invasion of Azeroth, Kil'jaeden masterminded the corruption of the orc race on Draenor. He manipulated Gul'dan into reopening the study of necromancy and converted the orc shaman into a warlock. Through subtle guidance, Kil'jaeden manipulated Gul'dan into a position from which he could control the entire Horde. Kil'jaeden then infected the orcs with demon blood and instilled in them a constant, unending lust for combat. This bloodlust caused the leaders of the Horde to lose sight of reality and blindly accept Gul'dan's promises of a new world, teeming with life and ready for conquest.

Much later, after the orc Horde's invasion of Azeroth had been repulsed by the humans, Kil'jaeden unleashed his second plan for preparing the world for the arrival of the Burning Legion. He encased Ner'zhul in a magical, icy prison and transformed the old orc shaman into the Lich King. Kil'jaeden then hurled the Lich King into Azeroth and used him as a channel through which to corrupt key members of the human race and to begin spreading a debilitating plague.

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