Cenarius is one of the night elves' most revered demi-gods. Since the days that the night elves were known as Kaldorei, Cenarius has watched over their civilization and shepherded it away from dangers. His followers are mostly night elf druids, but he is also worshipped by a wide range of other woodland beings that live within his primordial forestlands.

Cenarius helped defeat the first invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion through a combination of raw power and careful diplomacy. He awoke the dragon Aspects, and led the ancient dragons into battle against the Burning Legion. After the Legion was defeated, Cenarius helped the shattered night elf civilization slowly rebuild itself. However, many years later his physical form was eventually defeated and slain by an army of demon-possessed orcs led by Grom Hellscream. Despite his death,

night elf druids still worship Cenarius and spread stories about the possibility of a future rebirth of the demi-god in a new form.

Cenarius usually takes the form of a centaur-like hybrid between an elk and a night elf. His primary concern is the safety of the night elf race, but he also takes a deep interest in protecting the world of Azeroth as a whole from outside forces. His demeanor is most favorable towards night elves, but also reflects a certain respect for the spirituality of tauren and the sheer determination of humans. Orcs are highly disliked by Cenarius and high elves will be attacked or banished on sight because of their unfavorable history with the night elves.

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