Cairne led the tauren tribes in a long and grueling migration to avoid conflict with encroaching hordes of centaur. Unfortunately, the centaur maintained pressure on the tauren through their greater mobility and numbers, and the tauren were forced to travel from their traditional herding grounds in central Kalimdor all the way to the eastern coast. There, as the tauren defended their last handful of encampments from a series of centaur raids, they encountered Thrall and the orc Horde for the first time. The orcs immediately recognized the impressive fighting skills and spiritual reverence of the tauren and came to their aid. Once the centaur marauders were defeated and chased off, Thrall and Cairne agreed to travel up the coast together for mutual protection. Since then, Cairne has forged a strong alliance with the Horde and sides with it on most major issues. Cairne has stepped back from direct leadership over the tauren tribes and now acts more as a spiritual guide for his people.

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