Cairne Bloodhoof Chieftain of the United Tauren Tribes

Hth-level scout710th-level hunter*

Male Tauren: CR 22; Large humanoid (tauren); HD 21d8+147, hp 242; Init +8; Spd 30 ft.; AC 23, touch 18, flat-footed 23; Base Atk +17; Epic Atk +1; Grp +31; Atk +33 melee (2d6+22/19-20/x5, +5 tauren halberd); Full Atk +33/+28/ +23/+18 melee (2d6+22/19-20/x5, +5 tauren halberd), or +27 ranged (1d8+14, Bloodhoof runespearrffy; Space/Reach 10 ft./15 ft.; SA spells, greater critical, tauren charge (1d4+13); SQ camouflage, extended throwing range, favored terrain (desert +2, forests +2, hills +4, plains +6, underground +2), heightened stealth, keen weapon, improved uncanny dodge, locate creature, locate object, swift tracker, trackless step, trap sense +3, uncanny dodge, venom immunity, wild healing +10, woodland stride, tauren traits; AL LG; SV Fort +25, Ref +19, Will +15; Str 29, Dex 19, Con 25, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 15. Languages Spoken: Common, Taur-ahe. Skills: Concentration +16, Handle Animal +14, Heal +7 (+17 wild healing), Hide +17 (+23 in tall grass), Jump +16, Knowl

Tauren Weapon Specialization

edge (military tactics)* +2, Knowledge (nature) +12, Listen +15, Move Silently +22 (+27 in tall grass), Ride +6, Search +10, Spot +15, Survival +17, Swim +16, Use Rope +9.

Feats: Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Follower of the Totem*, Greater Weapon Focus (tauren halberd), Greater Weapon Specialization (tauren halberd), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Pulverize*, Track, War Stomp*, Weapon Focus (tauren halberd), Weapon Specialization (tauren halberd). Spells: As a 10th-level hunter.

Typical Hunter Spells Prepared (cast per day: 3/2/1/1; save DC 12 + spell level): 1st—alarm, endure elements, jump; 2nd— fog cloud, protection from energy, soften earth and stone; 3rd—shockwave; 4th—commune with nature.

Possessions: +5 tauren halberd, Bloodhoof runespear\_X, ankh of resurrection^, belt of superior endurance, gauntlets of might, periapt of vitality, amulet of natural armor +5, cloak of resistance +5, ring of protection +5.

Extended Throwing Range (Ex): Cairne's range increments for all thrown weapons are increased by an additional 50 feet. His range increment with his Bloodhoof runespeartt is 90 feet (granting a maximum range of 450 feet).

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