Cape ofThorns

Description: This half-length cape is a weave of tangled and thorny vines.

Powers: Any creature touching the wearer of a cape of thorns suffers 2d6 points of damage. Anyone who grapples with the wearer suffers an additional 1d8 points of damage per round.

Note: When a cape of thorns magically adjusts its size for larger wearers, it gains an additional set of damage dice for each two size classes it grows. Thus, Agamaggan's cape of thorns does 6d6 points of damage to any who touch him and 3d8 points of damage per round when he grapples with another creature.

Strong evocation; CL 12 th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shrink item, greater thorn shield*; Price 48,000 gp.

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