Cloak ofJagged Edges

Description: This long cloak appears to be covered entirely with daggers. The blades move and swivel independently, thrusting and slashing at the wearer's opponents.

Powers: This item functions as a warden's cloakff with several improvements. It deals an additional 1d8 points of damage on all its attack forms (cloak spin, attack of opportunity, and attacks against opponents attempting sneak attacks). The cloak provides an unlimited supply of masterwork daggers (it magically replaces missing daggers).

The cloak also provides the warden with a +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws and a +15 competence bonus on Hide checks (as opposed to +5 for a warden's cloakff).


Strong illusion; CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, feather fall, invisibility, jump, levitate, mage armor, resistance, spider climb, creator must be a night elf; Price 100,750 gp; Cost 50,375 + 4,030 XP; Weight 5 lb.

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