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Azshara is quick to unleash the full power of her magical abilities upon opponents in combat, using feats she helped develop such as Widen Spell,

Maximize Spell and Transcendent Spell to do maximum damage to the maximum number of foes. When opponents approach before she can ready a spell, she employs one of the javelins of Suramar forged in the workshops of the Eternal Palace to strike single opponents with a massive bolt of magical electricity. In the unlikely occasion that she finds herself on the losing side of a battle, she will fight until a majority of her magical power is spent and then leave her lieutenants to soak up damage while she makes her escape.

Spells: As a 27th-level sorcerer and a 16th-level wizard.

Sorcerer Spells Known (cast per day: 6/10/9/9/15/ 9/8/8/8/8; save DC 23 + spell level): 0—acid splash, arcane mark, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic, touch of fatigue; 1st—cause fear, mage armor, magic missile, mana shieldff, mysterious purple blastff; 2nd— crippleff, mind rotff, stitchff, summon swarm, web; 3rd—fireball, impaleff, lesser counterspellff, lightning bolt; 4th—absorb manaff, bestow curse, rain of fire*, shout; 5th—dominate person, lightning mon-soonff, nightmare, siphon lifeff; 6th—circle of death, counterspellff, disintegrate; 7 th—dark metamorpho-sisff, finger of death, limited wish, prismatic spray; 8th—binding, maze, storm, earth, and fireff; 9th— dominate monster, starfallff, wish.

Typical Wizard Spells Prepared (cast per day: 4/7/ 7/6/6/6/5/4/3; save DC 17 + spell level): The spells Azshara knows and typically has prepared focus on raw and maximized power, such as fireball, lightning bolt, and disintegrate. She will not hesitate to use evil or necromantic spells such as finger of death, when needed, and geas spells to bring both enemies and allies under control. The creator of most well-known evocation spells, her spellbook contains all spells from that school through 7th level as well as many spells from other schools created by her followers.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will—chain lightning, geas, limited wish, mass hold person; 1/day—summon monster IX. Caster level 20th; save DC 33 + spell level.

Chaosblast (Su): Once per day, Azshara can release a massive blast of chaotic magical energy that does damage to all creatures in a 100-foot radius, dealing 5d8 points of damage to all creatures within 20 feet. The damage decreases as it spreads outward by 1d8 in each successive 20-foot increment, to a minimum of 1d8 points.

Poison (Ex): Azshara's claws are constantly coated in slimy poison produced naturally by her body. Injury, Fortitude DC 46, initial damage 1d6 Con, secondary damage 1d6 Con. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Constriction (Ex): Azshara can use her tentacles to make a constriction attack. On a successful grapple check, at least one of her tentacles grabs, adheres to, and begins crushing an opponent, dealing 1d10 points of constriction damage each round the grapple is maintained. Dealing 10 or more points of damage to a tentacle causes Azshara to draw it back, thus releasing her captive.

Ink Jet (Ex): Only when underwater and once every 1d10 rounds, Queen Azshara can expel an obscuring cloud of black ink. The effect is similar to an obscuring mist spell as cast by a 43rd-level sorcerer.

Arcane Overload (Su): Azshara's Highborne followers would pass an addiction to magic on to their high elf descendants. The Queen herself, however, has quite the opposite problem, possessing more magical power than she can contain. The wellspring of magic inside her being is so powerful that she must cast a spell of 5 th level or greater every 6 hours to release some of the power or suffer 1 point of Constitution damage.

Magical Battery (Su): Artifacts and items wielded by the queen draw upon her store of magical power rather than their own. When Azshara uses a staff, wand, ring or other magical item possessing charges, she does not expend charges in order to use the item's abilities. However, whenever using an item, she must make a Will save with a DC equal to 10 + the caster level required to create the item, or she overpowers the item and it is rendered useless.

Sorceress Supreme (Su): Queen Azshara possesses such vast magical power and ability that she can cast any spell she knows of 3rd level or less at will. These spells may not be altered by the use of feats or abilities.

Heavy Scales (Ex): Azshara's torso is covered in thick, chitinous scales that grant her a +6 natural armor bonus and a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves.

Aquatic Healing (Ex): While underwater, Azshara heals at twice the normal rate.

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