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When someone needs to learn a spell to call or summon an infernal, any of the following new spells (detailed in Appendix One) are taught for a fee of 10,000 gp per spell level: call infernal, dismiss infernal, mass summon infernal, rain of chaos and summon infernal. Thus, for example, the 8th-level spell summon infernal costs 80,000 gp per character trained by the Tothrezim.

When a summoned infernal is "slain" it simply returns to the Tothrezim's storage center, but there is wear and tear that over time renders older infernals

JlIMx worthless. The Tothrezim generally get 400 to 500 uses from an infernal before it must be replaced. The Tothrezim generally set up a contract wherein each summoned infernal costs between 150 to 300 gp. New clients are generally charged the higher rate. Longstanding clients and those summoning in volume can get lower rates.

Called infernals are lost when their duration expires or they are slain. The Tothrezim usually charge between 20,000 gp and 35,000 gp per called infernal. As with summoned infernals, new clients pay the higher rate.

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