tures and objects in this state, still known as ethereal, are visible and tangible only to creatures and objects in a similar state.

Elemental Planes: The Warcraft universe possesses only a single elemental plane, and thus spells such as elemental swarm that refer to "an elemental plane" are drawing on the realm of the Elemental Plane specific to the spell, whether it be Air, Earth, Fire or Water.

The Astral Plane: The Astral Plane, called upon in many core rulebook spells as a transitive plane, is replaced in the Warcraft universe by the Twisting Nether. Spells that project characters' spirits into the Astral Plane instead send their spirit forms into the Nether.

Positive Energy Plane, Negative Energy Plane and Shadow Plane: These forces are not limited to any single plane; they are instead an integral part of every aspect of the Warcraft universe, woven into every plane. Thus, spells that call upon these energies such as harm, heal and shadow conjuration instead draw upon local sources rather than reaching to another plane.

As in the core rulebooks, positive energy remains associated with the energies possessed by living beings, and negative energy with the motive forces of death and the undead. Thus, spells that aid the living with positive energy will harm the undead, and spells that would injure the living using negative energy will heal the undead.

Magical weapons that have effects wielding these energies draw upon that positive or negative energy bound into their own material, freed by enchantment.

Inner and Outer Planes: The demons of the Warcraft universe belong to the Burning Legion and originate in the chaotic depths of the Twisting

Nether. The Eternals and even the goddess Elune share residence on the Material Plane of Azeroth with mortal beings. Only the titans remain as creatures who may originate from a place beyond the known planes, and the dwarves have yet to discover the answer to their mystery.

The final destination of the spirits of the deceased remains a mystery to the priests and philosophers of Azeroth. However, as spells such as resurrection can reunite a dead body with its spirit, and a majority of living creatures from the tauren to the troll shadow hunters claim they can communicate with and call upon the power of the spirits, a widely held belief is that the spirits of the dead remain on the Material Plane — in an immaterial state that can only be altered or contacted through the use of magic.

Other Planes: Other planes and locations described in the core rulebooks do not exist in the Warcraft universe unless specifically described.

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