The Burning Legion had its genesis in the Twisting Nether, but the plane's boundless reaches are home to an infinite variety of other creatures as well. Many creatures in the MM and Epic Level

Handbook are appropriate for inclusion in the Twisting Nether. Particularly appropriate creatures are listed below. Those marked with an asterisk (*) appear in the Epic Level Handbook.

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Belker Chaos beast Devourer Dragon, Force* Dragon, Prismatic* Ethereal filcher Ethereal marauder Genius loci* Gibbering orb* Hagunemnon* Howler

Invisible stalker



Neh-Thalggu* Night hag Nightmare Nightshade Phase spider Phasm

Pseudonatural* creatures (any) Ravid

Shadow mastiff Vargouille Umbral blot* Uvuudaum* Will-o'-wisp Yeth hound

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