Each of the realms is filled with life of various types, although the Abyssal Maw is mostly populated by elementals. A wide variety of natural creatures, from birds and mammals to reptiles, amphibians and insects can be found scattered throughout the realms. Apparently, the titans saw fit to transport ordinary living things to their hastily built elemental prison, or perhaps the creatures just came along for the ride by accident. Some scholars believe the Elemental Plane was fabricated using pieces torn from one world or another across the Twisting Nether, which could explain some of the truly alien critters roaming about above, upon and beneath the surface.

It should be noted, however, that there are no highly intelligent creatures among the natural types dwelling in the Elemental Plane. Those willful creatures who made the crossing didn't survive long under the assault of the various elementals. The other beings, such as natural beasts, mephits and the like, are tolerated only because they amuse the Elemental Lords or because the Lord in question sees fit to keep them around. For some, such as Al'Akir, they are akin to pets, while Therazane treats hers as cherished children.

The elemental creatures themselves exist in many forms, including those found in the MM. At the lowest level are elemental sprites, tiny creatures that exist as a living aspect akin to their element (lightning for the air realm, for example). Mephits and lesser elementals are next in power, followed by others from the MM in order of strength. Other types of elemental kin, such as revenants**, djinni, xorn, phoenixes** and salamanders**, can also be found in various levels of strength. At the top reside the elemental princes: unique, named beings with special abilities and great powers, often exceeding those of the elder elementals found in the MM.

The actual hierarchy of elementals is shown in Table 5-1.

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