When the titans defeated the Old Gods and brought order to the world, one of their first acts was to banish the Elemental Lords and their servants to a prison within the Twisting Nether. These agents of chaos could not be allowed to roam freely, or they would disrupt the new order the titans sought to create. Thus, the titans fashioned a separate plane to hold their old foes. Over the course of a short period, they cast all the elementals they could find into this hastily crafted "jail."

The plane the titans created is spherical and comparatively small — about the size of a single world. A glowing yellow orb, casting forth light and heat, hovers near the top point of the globe, acting as the "sun" for the entire plane. Normal levels of gravity pull physical objects toward the bottom of the sphere, where the realm of fire lies. A thick layer of permanent, tunnel-ridden stone supports the earth and water on the surface. Above, a layer of air hangs over the ground, never reaching the fiery turbulence beneath.

The sphere itself is curved in a curious way that tends to baffle creatures of Azeroth's reality. As befits the plane's prison function, escaping through ordinary movement is impossible. A creature attempting to move out of the sphere simply curves inexorably around, moving toward the other side. Thus, if one were to sail across the ocean in a boat, he would eventually arrive on the exact opposite side of the plane's sole continent. The land itself is slightly larger than Kalimdor, while the seas are about the same width in all directions.

The four elements that make up the plane are constantly in opposition and tend to shift and tear at each other, sometimes violently. Volcanoes rip through the solid mantle, assaulting both the land and sea realms wherever they can. The air swirls in unpredictable storms, producing whirlwinds and hurricanes that rake the surface. Yet through all this, life exists, filling the skies and lands with creatures similar to those on Azeroth, as well as those as yet unknown to sages.

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