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Description: A single ring binds this series of platinum discs. The discs bear imprints in the alien titan language, and written on the discs are all the universe's secrets. The discs' bearer gains phenomenal spellcasting abilities and protections against spells, as well as access to the mysteries contained within the discs' cryptic runes. Norgannon the Dreamweaver has kept the discs for ages immemorial, but rumors whisper that he has lost the artifacts. This story is true, as dwarven excavators in Uldaman recently discovered the discs—which bore proof of the dwarves' titanic genesis. The discs' true powers, however, will likely remain undiscovered.

The knowledge contained in the discs is immense and puissant. Their secrets would topple mortal kingdoms and set the universe ablaze. Norgannon — and the rest of the pantheon — may soon return to Azeroth to recover the discs.

Powers: The discs' bearer gains a great improvement in spellcasting ability. If he can cast arcane spells, the number of spells he can cast per day is doubled for every spell level (this increase also applies to bonus spells gained from having a high ability score). The bearer gains the Improved Spell

Capacity epic feat four times if he meets the prerequisites. Five times per day, the bearer may apply any one metamagic feat he knows (aside from Heighten Spell) to any spell he is casting without increasing the spell's level or taking any additional time to cast the spell. The bearer gains a +20 competence bonus on Concentration checks made when casting on the defensive and is immune to all spells and spelllike abilities of 7th-level or lower. If the bearer has spell resistance of less than 20 from any source, the discs of Norgannon provide him with spell resistance 40. If the bearer has spell resistance greater than 20 from any source, the discs double his spell resistance. A constant brilliance auraff affects the bearer (and only the bearer).

The discs also act as a spellbook for every arcane spell in the Player's Handbook and the Warcraft RPG books, as well innumerable others. The GM may decide exactly which spells the discs contain. The bearer must succeed at a DC 70 Spellcraft check to discover any spell of which he is not already aware.

Rumors maintain that the discs contain other powers as well — powers that could scorch the universe. None besides Norgannon—and perhaps not even he — knows how to access these capabilities.

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