Earth Deephome

Far below the Skywall lies the continent known as Deephome. The surface is rough, covered with fissures and craters, and it regularly quivers with earthquakes. When the realm of fire beneath breaks through, massive volcanoes form, until Therazane's earth elementals can put a halt to the incursion.

Deephome is lined with caves, tunnels and endless passageways. Worms, burrowing animals and other subterranean creatures abound. Gems and jewels of all kinds, including those not known to Azeroth, can be found within, though they are considered the property of Therazane herself. No mining efforts are permitted in her realm. Some sages believe that a few of the precious stones possess strong innate magical powers, but the truth of this speculation may never be verified.

The surface of this land is not pleasant to live on, but hardy plants and animals do eke out an existence here. Life for them is short and vicious, but Therazane the Stonemother nurtures them when she can. Striking at those she considers her "children" is the quickest way to earn her enmity.

In a few rare places, the surface of Deephome resembles a rocky, deserted section of Azeroth. Visitors to the Elemental Plane can find some measure of rest here, although the ground does shake and tremble with frightening regularity. Underground, travelers face not only quakes, but also cave-ins, rockslides and other dangers.

For each hour of travel on or within Deephome, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1, an earthquake occurs, while on a roll of 2, there is a cave-in or rockslide. The latter happens only underground, while rockslides occur in mountainous regions.

An earthquake lasts 1d6+4 rounds. During each round, anyone standing on solid ground, or beneath it, must make a DC 25 Reflex save or suffer 10d6 points of bludgeoning damage and fall prone.


A successful save halves this damage, and the character stays upright. A character who falls prone must succeed at a DC 30 Balance check to regain her feet during the course of the earthquake. Flying or levitating creatures can't fall down, but they still suffer damage if within 10 feet of the ground thanks to constantly falling or flying debris.

If a cave-in or rockslide occurs, each victim suffers 16d8 points of bludgeoning damage (DC 25 Reflex save for half). Those who fail their saves are buried and are subject to suffocation unless they can dig themselves out or are rescued by allies. Attempting to extract oneself from this sort of entombment requires a DC 24 Strength check.

Furthermore, one cave-in in six releases a pocket of poisonous gas into the air. Anyone breathing the noxious fumes must make a DC 27 Fortitude save or suffer 1d6 points of damage to both Dexterity and Constitution. A gust of wind spell or similar magic disperses the vapors, but only if there is another source of air available. Thus, a rockslide that traps its victims in a cave with no other exits could be a significant problem. Travelers within Deephome are advised to bring tunneling equipment or prepare spells such as passwall or stone shape.

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