Elemental Plane Adventure Hooks

The following hooks offer ideas for adventures set in the Elemental Plane.

Earth Stag: A druid of the wild returns from a visit to the Emerald Dream with news that one of Ysera's favored stags has gone missing. Through her magic, the great dragon learns that the creature has been taken to the Elemental Plane. Is the stag a guest of Therazane, or a prisoner?

Elemental Plague: The warlocks of the Scourge have conjured up a new plague, one that resists the cure disease spells of Azeroth's healers. Studies of the illness indicate that it is elementally based and can be cured using materials from the plane itself — rain from an elemental storm, water from the depths of the Abyssal Maw, sulfur from the fiery realm, and stone from the darkest tunnels of Deephome.

Fire Lichen: A pandaren brewmaster needs a special plant to help his newest concoction ferment properly. When consumed, the fiery ale will render the imbiber totally immune to fire for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the main ingredient is fire lichen, which grows only within the ash-clouded realm of Ragnaros.

Releasing the Firelord: A cult of fire worshippers has decided it is their mission in life to release Ragnaros from his prison beneath Blackrock Spire. To make this happen, they

A bubble of frost forms as a blast of cold works its way up from the ocean floor towards the surface. As the bubble moves, the ocean becomes frighteningly cold, but generally doesn't freeze due to the increased water pressure in the depths. The bubble fills a 50-foot radius; everyone within is required to make a DC 25 Fortitude save each round. Those who fail the save suffer 8d8 points of cold damage and are considered to be slowed for as long as they remain within the bubble. The zone rises 10 feet per round toward the surface, so the best way to escape the effects is to swim downwards or at an angle. Bubbles of frost reaching the surface near the Frostland are drawn toward it, thus endlessly replenishing the ice island.

have traveled to the Elemental Plane to seek advice from the Fire Princes. The PCs must intercept this group lest the Firelord be loosed upon the world of Azeroth. In the process, they'll come into conflict with the Dark Iron dwarves—but will the dwarves help Ragnaros escape, or will they fight to keep him entrapped within Blackrock Spire?

Return of the Revenant: An elder air elemental revenant has been causing havoc in civilized lands. Upon investigating, it is learned that he wishes to end his curse and believes a return to his home plane will reunite his split halves. When he returns, though, his two pieces join together into a colossal elemental rivaling Al'Akir in power. Will the characters now aid him in his quest to seize the Windlord's throne? Or will they become this new Elemental Lord's enemies?

Therazane's Tears: A wizard is building a powerful new magic item and needs a special jewel to complete the device. Unfortunately, the gem required is no mere diamond or ruby — it's one of the rarest of all baubles, a golden stone of a type known as Therazane's Tears. A jewel of this type can be found only within the caverns of Deephome.

Water Gate: A kraken has suddenly appeared in a peaceful lake. Upon investigating, it is discovered that a gate to the Abyssal Maw has formed within the water. If the gate cannot be closed, an invasion of water elementals could result.

Parts of the Abyssal Maw are thousands of feet deep — so far down that even light doesn't reach the ocean floor. Traveling beneath the surface in these areas subjects travelers to intense pressure. A character this far down must make a DC 25 Fortitude save every 10 minutes or suffer 3d6 points of bludgeoning damage. This damage ignores all damage resistance, but items that provide a bonus to Armor Class treat their bonuses as if they were damage resistance. Thus, for example, a ring of protection +3 is treated as damage resistance 3 against the Maw's incredible pressure.

Traveling on the surface of the Abyssal Maw can be very dangerous. Visitors rarely have cover, and Neptulon will have no trouble spotting unwelcome

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