Emerald Dream Adventure Hooks

The following hooks offer ideas for adventures set in the Emerald Dream.

Corrupted Dragon: A member of the green dragonflight has been corrupted and now resides within the Nightmare, where the rest of the greens dare not pursue. Help is needed to rescue her, so the characters— through a druid of the wild intermediary — are sent into the Nightmare to retrieve the dragon without killing her.

Dragonspy: Ysera believes that a spy in green dragon form has replaced one of her flock. Whoever it is remains undetectable by dragon magic, so she asks for the PCs' help. They will need to find some way to trick the spy into revealing himself, if they can —if the spy even exists.

Escape of the Unwaking: While on the Emerald Dream in a dream-visit, one of the characters is approached by a lucid member of the corrupted Unwaking. He begs for help getting back to his real body and asks to be brought a particular magic item that will enable him to wake up again. Will the players believe his claim? And if they do, will he turn on them once he has the item?

Green Eggs: Several green dragon eggs have been stolen from Ysera's Eye. A green wyrm asks the help of a dreamwalking PC in retrieving them. The thief is hiding in deep cave located in a place on the Emerald Dream that the green dragons dare not enter.

Missing Prince: An important Highborne has been polymorphed into a deer or other innocuous creature and sent via gate to the Emerald Dream. The characters will need to travel to the plane and figure out some way to locate and identify the transformed individual before she gets herself into too much trouble.

Real Nightmares: The effects of the Nightmare are beginning to spill over into the Material Plane (i.e., Azeroth), with corrupted beasts and other creatures beginning to menace travelers. The solution to the problem lies in the Emerald Dream itself, where the Nightmare has been slipping through a weakness in the fabric of reality that must be repaired.

Stopping the Corruption: A druid of the wild has created a magic item he believes will help push back the corruption of the Nightmare, possibly even destroying it utterly. The PCs travel with him to the Emerald Dream, but the artifact is stolen by one of the Unwaking, who seeks to use it to break his curse.

and defend it with all their might. Few visitors are allowed entry into the valley, and fewer still may pass unimpeded into the golden domes. No outsider has ever spoken to Ysera within the central dome, which cannot be penetrated by any known magic.

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