Eternal Adventures

Following are some adventure seeds involving the Eternals that might be used in Warcraft campaigns.

• Divine Protector: As the Eternals return to the world in the current age, Elune might decide that the time has come to replace some of her chosen protectors who fell in the War of the Ancients. If the heroes are sufficiently dedicated to Elune and the land, they might discover that the mantle of divine protector of Azeroth is thrust upon them. Unfortunately, rather than risk the heroes becoming corrupted by power like Azshara, Elune gives them all of the responsibilities of divine protectors but requires them to grow naturally into their powers and abilities. Epic-level characters who believe themselves unbeatable will suddenly find they have many powerful new enemies and a tall new ladder to climb.

• Holy War: Nearly every Eternal has followers in the current age, from the worshippers of Elune among the night elves to the demon cults that revere the Burning Legion. Players might be drawn into the conflicts between these groups if they are hired as mercenary guards for a holy site, or to go in search of an artifact such as the Horn of Cenarius. Such adventures are sure to draw the attention (and possibly the ire) of Eternals watching over their followers.

• Titanquest: The dwarves' quest for the titans has consumed them much in the way that the investigation of magic once obsessed the Kaldorei. As titan artifacts continue to be collected in Bael Modan and Khaz Modan, some among the Eternals may fear another mortal grab for power... and another cataclysmic sundering of the world and its peoples. Heroes accumulating what the Eternals feel is too much power may suddenly discover that their search for titan artifacts is hindered by an unusual number of obstacles. Alternately, epic-level adventurers serving the Eternals may be asked to protect artifacts from falling into the wrong hands.

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