Fire The Firelands

Deep beneath the earth and seas lurks the Firelands, a place of heat and ash. Although it is a harsh land, visitors can survive, for in one of those cruel paradoxes that define the universe, fire needs air to live and fuel to feed upon. Within the Firelands, these things exist in a constant cyclical state, with the very ash itself gradually transforming into fuel for future burnings.

In the center of a vast lake of fire stands Sulfuron Keep, the home of Ragnaros the Firelord. Until comparatively recently, he ruled his underground land with an iron fist. Three hundred years ago, he was summoned to fight in the dwarven civil war known as the War of the Three Hammers. This reckless act sundered the Redridge Mountains and created Blackrock Spire. Now, in a greatly weakened state, he lies at the bottom of that volcano on Azeroth, striving to find a way home. Meanwhile, in Sulfuron Keep and elsewhere across the Firelands, his elemental princes battle constantly for dominance.

The Firelands occupy the theoretical bottom of the "sphere" of the Elemental Plane. Just as the Skywall sits atop the plane, in a sort of bowl shape, the Firelands sit in the bottom of a similar curve. The "ground" underneath the surface is a sticky, bubbling mess of tar, ooze and rock fallen from Deephome, which of course serves as the "sky." In some places, lakes of flammable oil and combustibles form, burning constantly and filling the air with superheated smoke. Organic and semi-organic material from Deephome, and even the waters of the Abyssal Maw higher above, constantly filters down to provide new fuel for the endless flames. In places where the Fire Princes do battle with Therazane, huge volcanoes rise, spewing lava into the Firelands and upwards as well, sometimes reaching the floor of the Abyssal Maw or even the upper surface of Deephome, where they blow noxious fumes into Al'Akir's realm.

Needless to say, traveling in the Firelands is exceptionally dangerous. For each hour of the journey, roll 1d6. On a roll of 1, a sudden conflagration is encountered. On a roll of 2, an eruption of lava strikes the area. Finally, on a roll of 3, a firestorm sweeps in, immolating everything in its path.

A conflagration occurs when combustible material leached out of the ground bursts into flame, causing a sudden explosion. The blast is the equivalent of a 60-foot radius fireball, dealing 15d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 25 for half).

Ragnaros's underlings constantly seek to tear apart the "ceiling" of Deephome above, blasting their fiery power into the very rock itself. This activity can cause sudden, unexpected volcanic eruptions, but not in the ground below a traveler's feet. Instead, the lava bursts from above, shooting down upon the Firelands in a glowing, reddish-orange shower. Volcanic eruptions of this sort cover a 3d4 x 10-foot radius, dealing 10d8 points of fire damage every round for 2d6 rounds. A DC 25 Reflex save reduces damage by half, but victims must save every round they remain in the affected area.

A firestorm is a natural wave of flame that consumes the very air itself, leaving behind a choking sulfurous gas in its wake. There is no way to avoid the firestorm, which sweeps from horizon to horizon in a wave. Anyone caught out in the open suffers 16d6 points of fire damage (Fortitude DC 28 for half). Furthermore, for 3d6 minutes after the firestorm passes, the air is filled with choking fumes that burn the lungs. Anyone breathing the sulfu-rous air must make a DC 25 Fortitude save each round or suffer 1 point of Constitution damage.

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