Hammer of the Lightbringer

Description: The two-handed hammer's haft is polished mahogany, while the head is adamantine. A silver hand emblem rests in a bed of gold design on either side. This mighty weapon was forged when Archbishop Farol created the Knights of the Silver Hand, and the archbishop bequeathed it to the order's first Grand Master — Uther the Lightbringer. A group of paladins recovered the hammer after Uther's death, but none has thought himself worthy of carrying the legendary weapon.

Powers: This weapon is a +6 adamantine holy greathammert of disruption. The DC for undead to resist the disruption effect is 20 + the wielder's Charisma modifier. If the wielder is of good alignment, he may also use the hammer to cast searing light (as a 10th-level caster) at will. Three times per day, he may instead cast a maximized, empowered searing light (as a 10th-level caster). If the wielder is a paladin warrior capable of making a banishing strike, the hammer of the Lightbringer allows him to make two additional banishing strikes per day.

Strong conjuration and evocation [good]; CL 21st; Weight 10 lb.

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