Horn of Cenarius

Description: This is a massive horn carved from a solid block of wood, and wrapped with leather and small living vines.

Powers: Blowing the horn of Cenarius requires 6 rounds. Creatures across the entire current plane have a chance to hear the horn blow depending upon their proximity to flora.

First, all creatures within a 100-foot radius spread must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude saving throw or be deafened permanently. Creatures that fail their saves are stunned as long as the horn blows. Chaotic good creatures and those of the animal and plant types are immune to this effect.

Second, all creatures within 1,000 feet can hear the horn, though this has no effect other than potentially alerting them. Those within 1 mile get a DC 0 Listen check to hear the horn blow. The difficulty increases as the distance from the horn increases; DC 5 up to 2 miles, DC 10 up to 4 miles, DC 15 up to 8 miles, DC 20 up to 16 miles, DC 25 up to 32 miles, and DC 30 up to 64 miles. The horn itself cannot be heard more then 64 miles away, however it does faintly sound from every tree, bush, shrub and blade of grass across the plane. Even if the horn was blown 1,000 miles away, standing in a field of grass or forest of trees grants a DC 20 Listen check to hear sound of the horn emanating from local flora. If a listener is more than 16 miles from the horn but is in close proximity to plentiful flora then the listener uses the easier DC of 20 to hear the blast emanating from the trees and grass.

Third, blowing the horn creates the same effects as a plant growth spell and a hallow spell from a 20th level caster centered on the user. A bless effect is automatically attached to the hallowed site, as per the hallow spell.

Finally, if the horn's blower so chooses, all Huge and Gargantuan trees within 30 feet gain sentience. Treat such trees as treants with Hit Dice appropriate to their physical size (see the MM for treant details).

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