Heard You Were Dead

As you'll see in the following chapter, a number of the Eternals died during the War of the Ancients. This doesn't, however, mean that those powers can have no influence in a game set in later eras. Many of the fallen powers still have followers 10,000 years later, such as the furbolg who follow in the path of the long-dead ursine demigods Ursoc and Ursol. Further, though written history says they perished, can Eternals who possess the immortality special quality truly die? Perhaps a "fallen" Eternal has simply slept away centuries while his wounds healed

power in order to avenge himself upon the other dragon Aspects. If adventurers fear crossing an Eternal, they should be doubly wary of accepting a favor the Eternal might call in at a distant (and likely inconvenient) time____

• Epic Affiliations: When starting out on her adventuring career, a character's choice of affiliation may stem easily from race or place of origin. When Eternals enter a campaign at an epic level, a choice of affiliation must once again be made — but much more carefully. The tangled web of relationships among the Eternals means that a favor performed for one may be a slight to several others. Yet the disregard of the Eternals for most mortal allegiances might allow for a simple way to gather a multi-faction party of epic-level characters, as the Eternals issue commands that aren't easily ignored.

• Eternal Perspective: Ancient powers operate not just on levels of power far above mortal heroes, but also on a vastly different time scale: the youngest have lived a hundred mortal lifetimes, and their goals can lay millennia away. When a hero encounters an Eternal, he may have trouble convincing it that his epic quest is more than meaningless in the larger scope of history. When heroes are asked to undertake a mission on behalf of an Eternal, the Eternal may be unable or simply unwilling to explain the reasons behind the task to "mere mortals" who cannot possibly comprehend.

• Unseen Powers: An Eternal's presence might pervade a campaign; heroes on a quest for a vanished elven army may find themselves harried by a horde of satyrs, or they may try to discover why elementals have been destroying small villages in the Barrens. Yet an Eternal who remains forever just beyond the horizon will present a tantalizing goal or a daunting foe. Eternals should appear before the characters only when they have truly earned the audience through their actions, such as by performing a great service to the Eternal or by making a formidable stand against its plans.

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