some sought to research the energies' versatility, Azshara turned them instead to the development of raw power. Soon they had discovered the fundamentals of magic and found within themselves the ability to create or destroy at will.

Already transformed by the magic flowing through their veins, Azshara's advisors warned her about the irresponsible use of magic. The queen ignored their pleas and pushed her own abilities to even greater heights, drinking in magical power until it suffused every fiber of her being. Withdrawing from her people, Azshara gave herself to anything that might advance her powers—even the worship ofbeings from the Dark Beyond. When the War of the Ancients spilled across Azeroth, the night elves found their one-time queen standing beside the demons of the Burning Legion.

After the sundering of the world, however, and for the thousands of years since, Azshara has lived under the sea and become queen of the naga. She yet seeks revenge against the treacherous night elves who defeated her, slowly readying her naga subjects in Nazjatar to show their might to all of Azeroth.

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