Improved Devour Magic [Epic

You feast upon the power of spells you dispel, growing strong on their energy.

Prerequisites: Devour Magicf, ability to cast greater dispel magic (or use greater dispel magic as a spell-like ability) as a 20th-level caster.

Benefit: Whenever you successfully dispel a spell with dispel magic or greater dispel magic, you gain 2d8 temporary hit points per spell level of the dispelled spell and a +2 enhancement bonus to one ability of your choice. These hit points and the enhancement bonus last for 1 hour. The benefits of this feat do not stack with those provided by Devour Magic. Also, enhancement bonuses from repeated uses of this feat do not stack (and thus should be applied to other abilities).

Special: This feat does not work in conjunction with dispel magic or greater dispel magic cast from items such as scrolls or wands (even if cast with the Master Staff and Master Wand feats; see the Epic Level Handbook) — only those that you use yourself.

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