The Twisting Nether is pure chaos, but also pure energy. Swirling invisible eddies of power lay in wait for those with the ability to tap them. Hidden in the darkest corners of the Twisting Nether lives a secretive race with just such an ability.

The Tothrezimii share a common ancestry with the cruel Nathrezim**, but while the Nathrezim serve SargerasW as lieutenants in his armies, the Tothrezim serve as his laborers and craftsmen. They slave away with mining picks and in magical laboratories with a near single-minded common goal of filling the Burning Legion's demand for infernals.

The Tothrezim were never expansionistic or military-minded, but they share a unique bond with the Twisting Nether and an unmatched greed for gold and magic items. The bond enables them to infuse fiery constructs with fel power, and they have used their ability to establish themselves as a dominant force in Sargeras dire plan.

A gray ore known as fel stone litters the physical spaces of the Nether. It functions as a conduit for the Nether's entropic energies. The Tothrezim mine the ore and shape it to create shells that channel the energy. The results are fiery infernals**. The Tothrezim craft them for the Burning Legion, but their greed drives them to sell their constructs to whoever will pay the price they demand.

The Tothrezim are organized, businesslike and undiscerning. They'll offer a contract for infernal summoning to anyone who is capable of paying. Contacting an agent of the Tothrezim is usually the hard part. Once in contact with them, they typically offer a standard package of services. Statistics for the Tothrezim are included below.

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