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26th-level Sorcerer/10th-level Warlock

Male Eredar Warlock: CR 59; Gargantuan outsider (chaotic, demonic, Eternal, evil, extraplanar); HD 24d8+36d4+720, hp 1,056; Init +9; Spd 85 ft., fly 140 ft. (good); AC 48, touch 34, flat-footed 48; Base Atk +24; Grp +69; Full Atk +69 melee touch (spells), or +59 ranged touch (spells); Space/Reach 15 ft./15 ft.; SA demon mastery, epic weapons (evil), spells, spelllike abilities; SQ darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, true seeing, booming voice, demonic lore, enhanced conjuring, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (6,000 ft., DC 64), extended summoning, improved ally, arcane mastery, chaotic casting, nether spells, fast healing 30, antimagic resistance, regeneration 10, damage reduction 20/epic and 15/good, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 10, spell resistance 35, demonic traits (frightful presence DC 64), chaotic subtype, demonic subtype, evil subtype, outsider traits, Eternal traits.; AL NE; SV Fort+50, Ref+45, Will+47; Str 40, Dex 21, Con 34, Int 37, Wis 29, Cha 46.

Languages Spoken: Common, Darnassian, Draconic, Eredun, Kalimag, Orc, Thalassian, Titan.

Skills: Appraise +64, Bluff +93, Concentration +81, Decipher Script +64, Diplomacy +84, Gather Information +75,

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Intimidate +82, Knowledge (arcana) +82, Knowledge (the panes) +64, Listen +60, Move Silently +29, Search +37, Sense Motive +60, Spellcraft +84, Spot +60, Survival +44.

Feats: Augment Summoning, Automatic Quicken Spell, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Craft Wondrous Item, Epic Spellcasting, Improved Initiative, Improved Spell Capacity (x3), Lightning Reflexes, Paramount Spell** (chittering deathff, darkportalff, greater finger of deathff, rain ofchaos^fy, Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Spell Focus (evocation), Spell Opportunity, Still Spell.

Spells: As a 56th-level sorcerer.

Sorcerer Spells Known (cast per day: 17/17/16/16/16/16/15/ 15/15/9/7/7/7; save DC 34 + spell level): 0—acid splash, dancing lights, daze, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation; 1st— charm person, magic missile, shield, summon monster I, unseen servant; 2nd—acid arrow, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts, spectral hand, unholy frenzy 3rd—displacement, haste, major image, slow; 4th—bestow curse, dimensional anchor, greater invisibility, phantasmal killer; 5th—carrion swarm, feeblemind, mind fog, withering blight**; 6th—mass suggestion, mislead, repulsion; 7th—delayed blast fireball, insanity, vision; 8th—demand, maze, screen; 9th— energy drain, shapechange, wish; 12 th—chittering deathff, dark portalff, greater finger of deathff, rain of chaosff.

Eredar Warlock Spell-Like Abilities: Caster level 24th; save DC 28 + spell level. (See Manual of Monsters, Chapter Two: The Burning Legion.)

Eternal Spell-Like Abilities: At will—antimagic field, forcecage, greater planar binding, horrid wilting, limited wish, power word stun: 1/day—meteor swarm, prismatic sphere, time stop. Caster level 20th; save DC 38 + spell level.

Possessions: Spaulders of Charisma+12, ring ofKiljaedenff, ring of major spell storing.

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