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You convert destroyed spells into raw magic energy that tears your opponents apart.

Prerequisites: Feedbackf, Spellbreakerf, base attack bonus +12, inability to cast arcane or divine spells.

Benefit: When you destroy an enemy's spell or spell slot with a spellbreak attempt (as granted by the Spellbreakerf or Epic Spellbreaker!! feat), the spell is converted into raw magic energy that damages the opponent. The opponent takes 2d8 points of damage per spell level destroyed and 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to her primary spellcasting ability (i.e., Intelligence for wizards, Wisdom for healers, and Charisma for sorcerers). This damage is in addition to the damage caused by your attack.

Spell resistance is ineffective against the damage and ability damage caused by this feat. The benefits of this feat overlap (do not stack with) those provided by Feedbackf.

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