Mighty Spellbreaker (Sp): A netherwyrm's physical attacks all count as spellbreak attempts, as per the Epic Spellbreakerii feat. The creature does not have to spend a full attack action or a standard action to attempt a spellbreak. In addition, any creature struck by a netherwyrm's bite or claw attack is subject to a transcendentff dispel magic at a level equal to the netherwyrm's Hit Dice (30th level for the netherwyrm presented above). Note that netherwyrms have a variety of other feats that further enhance their spellbreak and dispelling abilities, such as Improved Devour MagicH and Massive Feedback!!.

Nether Disjunction (Sp): As the nether dragon's ability, except the netherwyrm gains 2d8 temporary hit points per spell level of each disjoined spell.

These larger cousins of nether dragons are truly deadly.

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