New Template The Guardian ofTirisfal

The Guardians of Tirisfal have served for ages to protect the world from demonic influence.

There can be only one Guardian of Tirisfal at a time. A Guardian of Tirisfal is empowered through a long ritual by a council of seven archmages. The secrets of the ritual are closely guarded, if not all but forgotten in recent times. A new Guardian of Tirisfal cannot be empowered while one already exists. Only through his death, or through an equally long and secret disempowering ritual conducted by the surviving archmages who empowered him, can a Guardian of Tirisfal be stripped of his power.

Each archmage participating in the empowering ritual receives one negative level. The negative level persists as long as the Guardian of Tirisfal being empowered survives. The negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells). The negative level is immediately removed if the Guardian of Tirisfal dies or is stripped of his power by the surviving council of archmages. If all of the empowering archmages are dead, a Guardian of Tirisfal cannot be stripped of his power, but must be killed before there can be another.

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