Description: This giant gold staff crackles with electricity. Ancient, glowing runes mark its length and strange winds swirl about it. Amun'Thul the High Father, Lord of the Titans, has carried Orodur since the universe's first moments.

Powers: Orodur functions as a +8/+8 Gargantuan adamantine quarterstaff. It deals an extra 4d6 points of electricity damage and 4d6 points of sonic damage on a successful hit, or an extra 8d10 points of electricity damage and 8d10 points of sonic damage on a critical hit. Those struck by Orodur are deafened permanently unless they succeed at a DC 70 Fortitude save. The air around Orodur is charged with lightning, and all those standing within 15 feet of the staff take 2d6 points of electricity damage per round. The wielder may suppress this ability as a free action.

Orodur also allows the wielder to use the following abilities. Like most staffs, the wielder uses his caster level when activating Orodur's powers if it is higher than 30 (which is Orodur's caster level).

• Extended, quickened cycloneff at will

• Extended, widened control weather at will

• Quickened, transcendentff shocking grasp at will

• Quickened, transcendentff lightning bolt at will

• Transcendentff thunderclapff at will

• Empowered, maximized storm of vengeance 3/day to-

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