Outland Adventure Hooks

Take It to 'Em!: Heroes from another world decide to combat the Legion on their enemies' turf, and armies pour through one of the lost portals. Outland becomes an interplanar war zone.

Reclaiming the Lost: The draenei learn of a portal that leads to a world wherein dwell many other draenei. They are willing to risk much to find this portal, allowing no obstacles to stand in the way.

To the Rescue: Rumors tell that a great, unnamed hero of a previous war dwells in a remote fortress, surrounded by danger, fighting desperately to keep demons and other creatures out of his — or her — refuge.

Third Time's a Charm: Illidan seeks to create a Well of Eternity in Outland to fuel his blood elves' magical addiction.

No Stone Uncovered: Disgusting fungal growth completely covers a rock chunk several miles across. The Twisting Nether's winds seem to affect the small island strangely, and it careens through Outland. Where it crashes, creatures and disease drop off and infect the land.

concerning the Frozen Throne, Illidan Stormrage and his blood elf and naga allies entered Outland, overthrew its demonic rulers and slew Magtheridon. Illidan took the plane as his own. Kil'jaeden easily tracked Illidan to Outland and compelled him to do the demonlord's bidding — though Illidan failed to destroy the Frozen Throne, nearly died dueling Arthas and limped back to Outland to recover and plot. Though fallen out of favor with the Legion, Illidan and his followers still command Outland. Other factions stir in remote places.

Legion strongholds stand in numerous places across the plane. The demons, being demons, attempt to destroy all others and rule uncontested. Rumors tell that the demons know the locations of the other, lost portals scattered across Outland and use these gateways to invade other worlds continuously. The Legion's mortal servants — members of the Shadow Council — also maintain covens throughout the plane. These minions are warlocks and similar individuals who work constantly to undermine the draenei and provide advantage to their demonic masters.

Draenei still live in areas, though they are pitiful and dying. They ally themselves with any who offer salvation, and some of their staunchest friends hail from Azeroth. The goodly draenei fight constantly to check the Legion's advance and reclaim their ancestral lands. A group of the withered race under Akama has joined Illidan and the blood elves.

Many other, stranger creatures also inhabit Outland. Fire elementals scorch the ground with their passing. Phase spiders step across planes to hunt the unwary. Felboars, 6-foot-tall demonic swine, can skewer a human with their tusks. Moist, fungus-infested regions give birth to fungal horrorsH — huge, misshapen creatures that can absorb blow after blow while bearing down on their prey (see below). Nether dragonsii (see "The Twisting Nether"), unrelated to real dragons and composed of pure nether energy, feast upon magic and minds.

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