Sargeras's portfolio has changed over the millennia. While he once served his race as guardian and protector, he is now the titan's worst enemy. Sargeras works to undo what the titans have strived for ages to achieve. He is now the master of all that is evil and demonic. Lesser beings quake and flee in his presence.

As a former champion of the titans, Sargeras is nearly impervious to physical damage. He has an additional +5 bonus to natural armor and damage reduction 20/— that overlaps with but does not stack with his normal damage reduction. He has a + 10 improvement to his normal damage reduction. He is highly resistant to magical attacks, gaining +5 bonuses to his spell resistance and saving throws. His natural attacks are more powerful than other titans'.

Demonic influences have given Sargeras body flames and made him totally immune to fire damage and fel damage. Fel spells and attacks are treated as though they were not fel.

Sargeras's portfolio bonuses are already factored into his statistics above.


The cobalt sky was dotted with clouds streaked in orange and yellow from the sun that waited just beyond the horizon to begin its daily climb. Here, in the calm moments before dawn at the end of an uneventful night, it might have been easy for Leyan to forget his duty. Instead, he straightened his back, balanced his pike squarely on his shoulder, blade aligned perfectly, and kept his eyes on the stone archway in a muddy clearing a short distance from the tower. Ready. Vigilant.

Leyan had grown up in a wide green valley two days' ride north of Lordamere Lake. The child of a simple blacksmith, he reached his fifteenth birthday without ever wandering further than the forest to gather wood for the forge. Yet when word came of an invasion, Leyan had asked his father for the best broadsword in the shop and then walked to the capital to join the army of the new Alliance of Lordaeron.

Somewhere in the mountains of Khaz Modan, he learned from his commanding officer that the first invasion made by the orcs of the Horde had come from another world. It took him a full week before he understood. The Horde didn't come from a land across the sea — they came from a strange, impossibly distant place that could only be reached using powerful magic.

Whenever the Alliance constructed a sanctum as they passed through a village, Leyan volunteered for guard duty so he could discuss the strange idea of multiple worlds with those who studied inside. In time he came to know not only Draenor, but also the Twisting Nether — and the mages of the Kirin Tor. As the war ended and the Kirin Tor asked for volunteers to stand watch at a special post, Leyan was among the first to answer the call.

That's how he ended up here, atop the tower of Nethergarde, standing watch over a portal between the worlds as it was studied by—

"Good morning, young Steelson." Somehow Khadgar had once again come within arm's reach without being seen or heard. Leyan might have suspected that he used spells if it weren't for the amulet issued to all guards that would flash when Teleportation magic was used in the vicinity.

"Good morning, Archmage," replied Leyan. "All is clear, and the Portal remains closed." The wizard said nothing in return, only nodding and squinting into the morning

sun as he peered toward the clearing below. He looked incredibly old, though Leyan knew Khadgar was only slightly older than his father.

As another guard walked out onto the parapet, Leyan finally relaxed, his shift over. "Sage, might I ask a question?"

"Another?" said Khadgar, a hint of a smile playing across his face before he continued. "Please do."

"You've told me that the creatures of fire and air summoned by wizards come from another world, just like the Horde. Are there others?"

"It is difficult to say," said the wizard. "The other worlds we know of are close, closer even than that portal. And yet—" Khadgar scratched his chin idly, then turned to Leyan. "We are separated from them by a gaping void of awesome power, a place that could hide a world lying closer than the stones under our feet."

Khadgar closed his eyes and began chanting. As his fingers drew a circle in the air, they left a glowing trail. When his fingers met, the circle flashed and there was a sudden gust of wind as the cool morning air was drawn toward it. It was as if the Archmage had carved a window in the air, and Leyan gaped as he stared through it into a place unlike any he had ever seen. A night sky streaked with purple and blue was suddenly veiled by slate-colored clouds lit from within by an emerald light, and hard-edged cliffs dissolved like heated ice as crystal spires erupted from the earth around them. A strange, shadowy creature slithered across the landscape, then suddenly spread wings and took to the air. After only a moment, Leyan clapped his hand over his eyes for fear he would go mad.

"The Twisting Nether," said Khadgar, as he dismissed the portal's magic and walked toward the tower door. "Unless there is a standing portal like the one below this tower, the Nether must be crossed to reach another world." He stopped suddenly. "Someday I will cross it. But I fear that I will ask others to cross with me."

Leyan shivered as he took one last glance down at the Dark Portal, then followed the wizard into the tower.

Early in their lives, there are those on Azeroth who sense they are part of a larger world. Not merely one that stretches beyond the horizon, but one beyond the physical world. The stories they tell say that the wind comes from this world, and that it is the next destination of wood consumed by a fire. The stories say that creatures live in that world who step from shadow to shadow as simply as a peasant goes from room to room. They say that it is a world that can only be truly understood by the wise and the insane.

Like all stories, these contain both truths and lies. There is something greater than the physical world of Azeroth. It lies infinitely far away, yet also infini-tesimally close. It has places of brilliant purity and the darkest chaos. Creatures of air, fire and shadow call these places their homes; and those from Azeroth who dare to travel into these realms will find them unlike anything they have ever seen before.

They are the planes, and the physical world of Azeroth is but one of them.

Though the titans and Eternals have known about the planes for longer than the recorded history of the world, the first time mortal creatures on Azeroth suspected there was something other than the world around them was when the Kaldorei made their way out of the jungles to the shores of the Well of Eternity and stared deep into its waters. There they sensed a great power, and in a course of events that would change the world forever, dedicated themselves to its study. They hoped that they would discover the moon goddess Elune within its waters, but instead they plumbed the darkness and felt the cold touch of the Burning Legion waiting on another plane, the Twisting Nether.

Later, after the queen of the Kaldorei and her followers were corrupted by the Burning Legion and destroyed alongside them in the War of the Ancients, the ancient dragons of the world led the surviving elves to a safe haven where they planted the first of the titanic World Trees. The green dragon Ysera linked the tree to her home realm on another plane, the Emerald Dream; and in return for the eternal life granted to the elves and the magical healing of the world, the druids of the Kaldorei spent centuries asleep in the physical world while sending their spirits to wander the Dream.

By the time the elves returned from the Dream, sorcerers had discovered the means to command beings who had come to Azeroth from another world known as the Elemental Plane, and an invasion had begun from yet another world known as Draenor, which would eventually become Outland.

Today, though the peasants and commonfolk still tell their stories, the scholars and adventurers of many races know a great deal about the different planes and travel between them. The human magocracy made great advances in their studies of planar travel after the orc invasion, and copies of the archmage Khadgar's Contemplations on Many Worlds are found in several libraries in the eastern lands. The complex oral histories of the night elves have helped to preserve their hard-won knowledge of the Twisting Nether, and many can relate personal experiences in the Emerald Dream. As the dwarves have searched for clues to their titan heritage, there are some who suspect that the titans played a role not only in the creation of Azeroth but also in opening the pathways between worlds. Orcs, following their own history and its relationship with the Burning Legion, believe it is the cross-world conquests of the Legion that first connected the planes. Among the elves, it is commonly believed that mortal planes such as Azeroth and Outland are the crudest reflections of planes of greater power such as the Twisting Nether and the Emerald Dream. Only the goblins with their short memory and focus on the present openly disbelieve the existence of other planes — though adventurers often joke that the trade princes will order their underlings to believe in the planes as soon as they can open a trading post in Outland and rent the people of Azeroth a means to get there.

Those of various professions and pursuits have their own way of considering and understanding the planes. Divine and arcane spellcasters interact with other planes on a regular basis as they cast their spells, and while most pragmatically accept what their magic allows them to perceive as the truth, there are some of a more philosophical bent who believe that the planes are a single holistic universe of magical forces and the divisions are merely the attempts of the mortal mind to understand the unknowable. Tinkers confronted with the reality of the Burning Legion and summoned elementals are forced to admit to the existence of other planes, but as the foreign worlds possess fundamental physical differences that interfere with the working of their devices and inventions, many tinkers typically try to avoid extraplanar adventures as much as possible.

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