Powers ofAzeroth

There exist beings known only in legends to the peoples of Azeroth. Yet they are beings who have shaped not only the course of history in the world of Warcraft, but often the world itself: the Elemental Lords, ruling over planes of pure power and awaiting the time when they will once again serve the banished Old Gods; the titans, whom the dwarves believe created Azeroth and many of its races; the great and powerful dragons who watch over the titans' creation; the moon goddess Elune, and the demigod-like beings she created to protect and guide the creatures of the land.

They are the ancient powers. While mortals fight wars to lay claim to villages and kingdoms, the powers wage a perpetual struggle to determine who will dominate the whole of the universe, with Azeroth the nearest battlefield.

Though rarely seen in a Warcraft RPG campaign, the influence of the ancient powers is ever present. In this chapter, you will learn what is known about them and how they wrought Azeroth from pure chaos and formed it into the world it is today.

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