Quel Zaram

Description: Lothar discovered this weapon on his youthful adventures with Llane Wrynn and Medivh. The sword impressed Medivh and he dubbed it Quel'Zaram — Thalassian for "high blade." The weapon's current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers: This +7 brilliant energy greatsword of speed draws out the inner strength and personal force of the wielder, which manifests as a swirling golden glow about the blade. The wielder may add his Charisma bonus to his attack and damage rolls with the weapon. In addition, when Quel'Zaram strikes a critical hit, it deals an extra 6d8 points of damage and creates a lingering effect (similar to lesser shadow strikef'f) that deals 3d8 points of damage to the target each round for the next 6 rounds.

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