Ranged Spellbreaker

You can use ranged weapons to destroy your opponents' prepared spells.

Prerequisites: Dex 21, Improved Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Spellbreakerf, base attack bonus +11, inability to cast arcane or divine spells.

Benefit: You can use a ranged weapon to make a spellbreak attempt (as provided by the Spellbreakerf feat). All the normal rules for spellbreak attempts apply.

Akinos Steelclaw walked a paved pathway Through the Valley of Heroes, squinting against the bright morning sun. In the lush, green valley, the orc could almost forget the desolate hills his people now called home, the blasted wastes they had traversed to get there, and the battles they had fought along the way. As he walked into the shadow of an enormous statue, his memories dragged him back to the infernals he had fought, the burning monsters that had taken so many of his sword-brothers

A rattle of armor from behind shook Akinos from his reverie. His minders from the Stormwind City Guard, overheating in their polished steel. Though his blade was bound into its sheath as promised, Akinos pictured himself calling upon the art of the windwalker, slipping behind them, dealing the single strike needed... but he was a diplomat now. Still, if the humans would force him to be accompanied by these soft whelps, at least he might teach them a thing or two.

Turning to the statue, he peered at the strange human twistings inscribed into its base. "Khadgar," he read. "Keeper of the Eternal Watch at Nethergarde. His magic lit the way beyond the Dark Portal." Akinos turned to lean against the cool stone of the base and face the guards. "You call him 'hero'?"

The two pinkskins looked at each other, then the younger said, "The archwizard stranded himself on another world to protect us; if not for him, only sun and stone know what might have come back through." It was obviously a story he had been told many Times, the words he heard as a child now spoken through his own foolish lips.

"So the kingdom knew peace, thanks to his sacrifice," said Akinos, his guess at the story's ending confirmed as the young man smiled... until the orc continued. "Of course, the enemy he protected you from returned to slaughter every living creature on Northrend, then release the plague upon your people." He looked up at the figure looming above him. "Strange that the wizard himself hasn't returned. Who else does this valley offer?"

"General Turalyon, Knight of the Silver Hand," said the guardsman, pointing toward another statue. "My uncle, Danath Dungalion, one of the greatest warriors this city has ever produced."

Yes, your uncle — one who not only helped destroy my home, but also imprisoned my people, thought Akinos the blademaster. Akinos the diplomat said, "Well, young Dungalion, you've proven that you humans love your own."

The older guard was finally roused. "I served beside the boy's uncle when we chased escaped prisoners of war, and his place here is well deserved. Served with fine warriors and heroes from other races in the Alliance, and they're here as well, like the elven ranger Alleria. Perhaps there will be statues of orcs as well, now that we're to be such close friends." The final words were squeezed through clenched teeth.

Akinos remembered the words of his master: when defender turns aggressor, use your own blade to put up a sharp defense. "I would welcome such a thing," he said. "My warchief Thrall belongs here, as does Grom Hellscream and the Alliance's own Jaina Proudmoore. Perhaps even tauren such as Cairne Bloodhoof. Heroes all."

"One of the bull-men?" snorted the guard. "You're lucky there's room for one race of beasts in this sacred place, let alone a second."

Akinos turned to Dungalion. "And were there room for only one statue? Who would it be?"

"Uther Lightbringer," said the young man. "Paladin of the Silver Hand and peacemaker, murdered by a traitorous prince."

"No, Cristof," argued the older guard, looking at Akinos. "It should be Lord Anduin Lothar. He reclaimed this land from those who conquered it."

Akinos' rubbery lips curded in a smile. "Then it's likely you won't approve of my own choice."

"Who would that be?" asked Dungalion.

Once again Akinos heard the voice of his master: when at last you have an opening, drive your blade home. Starting back toward to the city, he gestured the young guard to his side. "Cristof, let me tell you of the great Orgrim Doomhammer, warrior and warchief, the shadow no prison could hold." Behind him he heard the leather of the older man's gloves Tighten as his fists clenched in irritation. If the Stormwind Council could be toyed with as easily, perhaps diplomat might be an enjoyable post after all..

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