Roleplaying Notes

Medivh's soul constantly struggles with that of Sargeras for control of his body and mind. The fight between them is constant, and results in Medivh shifting periodically between stretches of calmness and lucidity and bouts of strangely incomprehensible behavior. To outsiders, he often seems to make abrupt decisions or reverse his position on issues. When the struggle between the two souls becomes too great for Medivh's body to handle, he sinks into a catatonic state and becomes completely unresponsive. These periods vary greatly in duration and can range from a matter of minutes to months.

When Medivh is in control of his body and mind, he is a friendly and wise individual. He cares deeply for a number of the high-ranking human leaders and puts the needs of the kingdom above almost everything else. He has defended Lordaeron from attack many times throughout the years and has built a great reputation as a staunch defender of the land. He is not naturally biased against any of the races, and displays a fair amount of interest in people who bring to him stories of distant lands or cultures.

However, when Sargeras is in control, Medivh's personality shifts dramatically. He becomes sullen and distant, barely acknowledges the presence of close friends, and practically ignores strangers. He is secretive and often travels to faraway places abruptly. In private, Medivh will not hesitate to do away with annoying visitors by using his spells to kill or inca-

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