Roleplaying Notes

Tyrande is the passionate, and occasionally rash, leader of the night elf Sentinels. She is also the High Priestess of the Moon, and worships Elune with total submission and adoration. She loves Malfurion and will do almost anything to help or protect him. Likewise, as the leader of her race's guardians, she is ready to lay down her life to protect other night elves.

She is highly suspicious of outsiders from other races, and only rarely volunteers advice or assistance to them. The most she will offer to do for visitors is to provide a small escort of archers or huntresses to guide them, as well as to secretly keep tabs on them and prevent them from despoiling her homeland in any way. As she grows to know outsiders better, she tends to open up more to them and can become quite friendly. She often develops a deep respect and camaraderie with anyone who fights side-by-side with her on the battlefield, and appreciates the assistance of strangers even if she doesn't display or communicate that appreciation very well.


When confronted by enemies, she never hesitates to attack and prefers to not let any escape alive. Her duty to protect her people from danger is greater than her own personal moral code about fighting with honor. If an enemy turns to flee, she will gladly take the opportunity to put a cluster of arrows deep in his back.

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