Roleplaying Notes

Mannoroth is a simple being with no overriding ambition to change his station in life. Craving blood and carnage over everything else, he willingly acts as an enforcer for Archimonde and the Burning Legion. His only desire is to wage unending war against the mortal races of the universe. He is a terribly efficient weapon of destruction for the demonlords and can always be found at the forefront of their invasion forces.

Mannoroth has forever been cursed with an immeasurable, unending thirst for blood. Even the bloodlust of the orcs is a minor compulsion compared to the absolute addiction that bloodletting is for Mannoroth. In the absence of mortals to fight, Mannoroth often turns on his own demon kin, slaying felhounds and infernals with an unnerving sense of satisfaction. He prefers the kill to the chase, and will quickly slay mortals who are unfortunate enough to stumble upon him.

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