Roleplaying Notes

Lothar is handsome, determined and steadfast. Though he rarely shows emotion, he grieves for his fallen friends and country. Lothar is passionate and persuasive, radiating an almost palpable strength and conviction. Since the deaths of Medivh and Llane Wrynn, Lothar carries little in his heart aside from a desire to avenge his friends and reclaim his homeland. His voice is rich and evocative, commanding respect and attention. He considers himself a servant to Azeroth's people, rather than their leader. He knows that because of his skills and prowess he is the only one who can lead them to victory.

Lothar prefers to lead contingents of mounted knights. He fights from horseback, charging into his enemies and slashing them apart with Quel'Zaram. He is at his peak when commanding others, inspiring those around him to greatness. He retreats if doing so is prudent, but prefers to outma-neuver and fool powerful opponents. Scanning the enemy ranks for their leaders, he spurs his mount forward to bring down the opposing commander. Since Medivh's betrayal, Lothar has held a profound respect for spellcasters, and these are always his second targets. He hammers through lesser warriors to reach wizards and sorcerers in the rear.

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