Roleplaying Notes

Malfurion is the wise and peaceful leader of the night elf druids. He has a fatherly air about him, and takes great pleasure in guiding people to discover insights about themselves and the environment around them. He prefers not to solve problems directly for individuals, or to give completely thorough answers, but rather provide useful hints and advice so that others may achieve discovery on their own.

He is grateful to the orc and human armies for their assistance against the Burning Legion and welcomes visitors of those races with open arms. He also holds great respect for tauren and dwarves. However, Malfurion considers high elves and goblins extremely distasteful, and will expel them from Ashenvale whenever he encounters them. Horde and Alliance politics hold little interest for Malfurion as, in his mind, the needs of his people and their environment transcend what he considers to be petty rivalries between the other races.

Visitors who display a proper respect for the natural environment and its inhabitants will be greeted warmly by Malfurion and his druids. They welcome outsiders for short periods of time with magic (x2), light, read magic (x2); 1st—bane, bless, bless water, divine favor, faerie fire, obscuring mist, roar, remove fear, sanctuary; 2nd—augury, hold person, lesser restoration, make whole, remove paralysis, shield other, silence, spider climb; 3rd—bestow curse, dispel magic, entangling roots* (x2), invisibility purge, neutralize poison, remove blindness/ deafness, remove curse, remove disease; 4th—death ward, divination, greater thorn shield (x2), imbue with spell ability, restoration, sending, tongues;5th—hallow, healingrain*(x2), insect plague, lesser planar ally, rejuvenation, slay living, true seeing; 6th—force ofnature*(x2), greater dispel magic, heal, heroes' feast, word of recall; 7th—destruction, greater restoration, greater scrying, regenerate, sunbeam, transmute metal to wood; 8th—antimagic field, discern location, greater force of nature* (x2), greater spell immunity, holy aura, whirlwind; 9th—implosion, mass heal, miracle (x2), shapechange, summon nature's ally IX.

Possessions: +5 hide armor, Whitheroak\_X, belt of might**, circlet of intellect +6, cloak of resistance +5, horn of CenariuslX, periapt of wisdom +6, superior boots of elvenkind**, nature's ring, ring of protection +5.

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