Description: This staff resembles a gigantic shepherd's crook. It is pure alabaster, shot through with thin red veins that resemble blood vessels — indeed, the lines pulse as if possessed of some magical heartbeat. The staff's touch restores hope to the despairing, energy to the weary and life to the dead.

Benefit: In combat, Seschenal functions as a +6 Gargantuan quarterstaff, but its true powers lie in the healing arts. Seschenal can cure up to 2,000 hit points per day via touch; against undead, the staff deals damage instead of healing it. The wielder may choose to divide this healing among multiple recipients, and she does not need to use it all at once. Using Seschenal in this fashion is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. In addition, the bearer and all her allies within 30 feet gain the benefits of a good hope spell. Seschenal also allows the wielder to use the following abilities. Like most staffs, the wielder uses her caster level when activating Seschenal's powers if it is higher than 30 (which is Seschenal's caster level).

• Empowered mass heal at will

• Empowered regenerate at will

• Greater restoration at will

• True resurrection at will

• Widened plant growth at will. When the wielder uses the enrichment property of this spell, it affects a 2-mile area and increases the plants' potential productivity by a factor of 10.

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