Description: This massive horn is crafted of some silvery, alien material; light reflecting from its surface breaks into its component colors in a stunning display. Golganneth the Thunderer carries Shargahn, and the horn can shatter mountains, summon storms of incredible fury and beckon the creatures of the deep.

Benefit: Shargahn grants its bearer a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength. In addition, the bearer may sound the horn as a standard action; doing so produces one of three effects, as the bearer chooses.

• Shatter Mountains: The horn casts an earthquake spell (DC 85) at 5 times normal potency in all regards — it affects an area 5 times larger than normal, deals 5 times as much damage, has a range 5 times greater, and so forth.

• Summon Storms: This function may only be used outside. Over the course of 1 round, an enormous storm gathers in a 1-mile area centered on the

blower. Lightning blasts the ground, thunder rocks the earth and rain floods from the heavens. The rain limits visibility to one-tenth normal, and all creatures in the affected area have concealment. Thunder deals 6d6 points of sonic damage each round to all within the area (aside from the bearer), with a DC 85 Fortitude save allowed for half. Those who fail this save are permanently deafened as well. Each round, 5 lightning bolts strike the ground; the bolts strike random spots in the area, though Shargahn's bearer may use a move action to direct the bolts for 1 round. The bolts may be divided among several targets or may all strike the same target; each bolt deals 20d6 points of electricity damage, with a DC 85 Reflex save allowed for half. The storm persists for 30 rounds (3 minutes), though the bearer may renew the storm by again sounding the horn.

• Beckon Water Creatures: This ability functions as the calling power of the gate spell, though it may only call aquatic creatures, and any creature summoned is under the bearer's control regardless of its Hit Dice. Alternately, the bearer may instead use this ability to cast a summon nature's ally IX spell, though again the horn may summon only aquatic creatures.

Shatterbound: Gorribal (the Dark Seether) Description: Even good and noble entities have a darker side that fuels and drives them. Sargeras' mighty greatsword was no different, and that part of the sword's personality was left in the fragment that was reforged into this weapon.

Powers: This +6 keen ghost touch evil outsider bane greatsword of speed is wreathed in flames that deal an additional 3d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit. Upon a successful critical hit, the sword casts fireball centered on the target; caster level 22nd, Reflex DC 25 half. This effect functions even against creatures normally immune to critical hits; roll to confirm the critical threat, but do not apply the additional weapon damage.

The weapon's wielder gains a +10 enhancement bonus to Strength.

Shatterbound: Taeshalach ( Flame Rend) Description: All that was good and noble in Sargeras' former greatsword was left in this fragment of the shatterbound sword. It was useless to Sargeras, and remained on the battlefield where it was broken. Eventually Aggramar came into possession of the fragment and reforged the blade to wield as his own. He seeks to obtain the other half to merge them, but currently lacks the power to face Sargeras.

Powers: This +6 keen ghost touch greatsword of speed is good-aligned and bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 3d6 points of damage against all of evil alignment. It bestows two negative levels on any evil creature attempting to wield it. The negative levels remain as long as the weapon is in hand and disappear when the weapon is no longer wielded. These negative levels never result in actual level loss, but they cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded.

Upon a successful critical hit, the sword casts holy word on the target; caster level 22nd, Will DC 25 negates banishment. Even creatures normally immune to critical hits or banishment are subject to this attack.

The weapon's wielder gains a +10 enhancement bonus to Charisma.

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