Spellcasting and the Planes

For basic information on how specific spells from the core rulebooks interact with the planes of the Warcraft universe, see the Warcraft RPG, Chapter Four: Magic, "Spells." In general, the planes described in Chapter 5: Campaigns of the DMG and elsewhere in the core rulebooks map over to the Warcraft universe as follows:

The Material Plane: Spells and effects related to the Material Plane refer in the Warcraft universe to mortal, material worlds such as Azeroth and, in the past, Draenor. Each of these worlds, though they share most of the same planar traits, is treated as its own separate plane — spells such as teleport that allow for transport within the Material Plane do not allow for transport between isolated material pockets, as another plane, the Twisting Nether, must be traversed to journey from one to another.

While the existence of other material worlds remains a possibility within the Warcraft cosmology, none other than Azeroth and Draenor (whose remains now float in the Twisting Nether as Outland) have yet been reported — though the orc shaman Ner'zhul attempted to open portals to other material worlds from a dying Draenor in the aftermath of the Second War. If they do exist, all material worlds would be made from the same planar material as the known material worlds, though they might possess different basic planar traits (from basic physical traits to magic traits; see the DMG, Chapter 5, "Adventuring on Other Planes," Planar Traits).

The Ethereal Plane: No equivalent of the Ethereal Plane exists in the Warcraft universe. Only the Emerald Dream can be clearly mapped to another plane, that of the physical world of Azeroth, yet they remain distinct places in the cosmos and grow

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