Table Elemental Hierarchy

Level Earth Fire Air Water

Lowest Stone Sprite Flame Sprite Spark Sprite Frost Sprite

Earth Mephit Fire Mephit Air Mephit Water Mephit

— Small elementals of all types — Low Minor Xorn Azer

Medium Average Xorn Fire Revenant** Belker Adult Tojanida

High Elder Xorn Efreeti Djinni Noble Elder Tojanida

Highest TherazaneJJ RagnarosJJ

W^i^Ç ' * * * " * * * j.;. l»_ 2 Ö; Ä -T- ÏL' 2 Ä -T- t!

Table 5-2: Elemental Conglomerate Types


Elements Combined


Air, earth


Air, water


Earth, fire


Earth, water


Air, fire


Fire, water


Air, fire, water


Air, earth, fire


Air, earth, water


Earth, fire, water


Air, earth, fire, water

more than one region. To do this, they have taken on the aspects of one or more such areas. These creatures are known as "conglomerates."

An elemental conglomerate begins as an ordinary elemental creature, to which one or more applications of this template are applied. A conglomerate can have one, two or three applications, but cannot apply the template related to its original subtype, nor may it take the same subtype template more than once.

If the creature has one conglomerate template, it is referred to as a "dual elemental." Two applications creates a "triumvirate elemental." Finally, adding all three possible templates produces a "complete" or "primal elemental." Furthermore, depending upon the elements that are brought together, the specific creature is often given a different name. The available combinations are shown in Table 5-2.

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